Psychopathology and mental health needs among drug-involved inmates

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Summer 1992


psychopathology, inmates in jail based drug abuse treatment


Examines the relationship between psychopathology and substance abuse among 535 jail inmates referred for substance abuse treatment. Results from the Addiction Severity Index and the MMPI indicate that a significant number of Ss showed symptoms of mental illness. Ss were divided into "high psychopathology" (HP) and "low psychopathology" groups. Ss in the HP group were more likely to report lifetime use of amphetamines, hallucinogens, and heroin, and reported slightly more alcohol and cocaine use in the month prior to treatment. HP was also associated with more problems in employment and financial support, family and social relationships, physical health, and within the legal system.

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Journal of Prison & Jail Health, v. 11, issue 1, p. 3-25

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