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Fall 2010


Sharon Geiger

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The creation and management of accurate, up-to-date information regarding a student’s academic career is critically important in the management of a university. Previously, the USF Honors College relied heavily on paper records for this initiative. This research focuses on the design and implementation of a comprehensive student information system and user interface to replace the current paper records. Honors College Staff are able to directly access all aspects of a student’s academic progress through a secure, online interface embedded in the college’s website. The system utilizes user authentication, displaying only information necessary for an individual’s duties. Additionally, each sub-system has authentication allowing authorized users to create or update information in that sub-system. All data is thoroughly reviewed and validated on the server before actual record alteration occurs. In addition to a staff user interface, this system features a student user interface, allowing users to access information and submit requests electronically, saving both completion and processing time. All data is stored securely on SQL servers managed by the USF IT department. Standard best practices are employed throughout the system to ensure the highest possible level of security and standardization. The system features a complex logging system to track all users’ access and ensure conformity to data access guidelines. This system is expected to increase the efficiency of the college’s record management thereby decreasing the work hours needed to access and deliver student records to users throughout the day, and again later to file these records. It is anticipated that this system will increase the efficiency of the department, and allow staff to better serve students.


Computer Science