Adventures in Transformative Learning

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Life is about Change, and Learning through Change Can Be Transformative! Stories, resources, interviews, and strategies for coping and learning are included in this series of podcasts and life in adulthood. Join in Adventures in Transformative Learning's discussion.. listen in... It is Personal, Powerful, Portable learning for our busy lives today. Dr. Kathy King, professor at Univeristy South Florida (formerly Fordham professor of education) noted author and keynote presenter and Dr. Barbara Heuer, adult education specialist are the series cohosts for this new kind of experience in thinking about learning and change in the lives of adults. This podcast wass developed, produced and hosted by Fordham University's Graduate School of Education and its successful and innovative Podcast for TeachersSM series in New York City. 2005-2007 Adventures in Transformative LearningSM (ATL Podcast) provides discussions, interviews and resources about transformative learning- its meaning for adults in a busy world, for trainers, teachers and educators of all ages. This is your learning community when it comes to adult learning; you can even send in your comments by email to ATLPODCAST@gmail.com Posted 7-2010

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