Horizontal Water Trap for Measurement of Aeolian Sand Transport

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aeolian sand transport, wind-blown sand, aeolian sand trap, sediment transport, Padre Island, Texas

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A new type of horizontal trap was developed for measuring the aeolian sand transport rate on a flat surface. The trap consists of an adjustable frame that is embedded level with the sand surface, into which a plastic liner is installed and filled with water to capture the blown sand. The water trap has high efficiency and does not disturb the wind field or induce upwind scour. Deployment on Padre Island, Texas, indicated that this portable and adjustable trap catches and retains all the sand blown into it, even under relatively strong wind.


also on USF website: http://crl.usf.edu/images/images/EPL.pdf

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Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, v. 24, issue 1, p. 65-70