With the listings below you can view current and past conferences hosted on Scholar Commons. If you are a USF faculty or affiliate please complete the form at the bottom of this page to have us digitally host your next conference free of charge. Conference sites can provide a variety of information like your schedule or venue, allow attendees to register directly on the site, and/or provide professional tools for processing submissions, review, and publications. Please note that any payment links must be handled by individual departments.










If you are a USF faculty or affiliate please contact scholarcommons@usf.edu to begin the consultation process.

There is no charge to USF members to host your conference on Scholar Commons. Please be aware that custom designed conference sites can take up to two months to complete the entire design and set-up process. Conferences that use the Scholar Commons wrapping can be ready within two weeks.

For ideas on how you can use the system to support your next conference you can also Browse All Digital Commons Conferences. Please see Managing Conferences and Events with Digital Commons from more information on the actual software Scholar Commons uses to host the sites.