Mission of the Department

Women's and Gender Studies is uniquely suited to contribute to USF's strategic goals and AAU aspirations. Interdisciplinarity in a global context, student success, and community engagement demand attention to gender issues as they affect individuals and societies locally and around the world. These issues are long-standing traditions of Women's Studies as an intellectual project and anchor the teaching, scholarship, and service mission of the Department of Women's and Gender Studies at USF. The United Nations' Millennium Development Goals state that working toward gender equity is the single most important means to achieving a healthy and sustainable world. We see our work within frameworks that include equity, sexual difference, queer perspectives, and social justice missions.

The Department offers a full range of interdisciplinary courses in Women’s and Gender Studies with specialized coursework in feminist and queer approaches to media, bodies and sexualities, criminal justice, performance, and literary criticism. All of these areas are contextualized by global perspectives beyond gendered identities and womanhood in the United States. Our graduate and undergraduate students will be trained in signature areas qualifying them for competitive positions in the areas which require skills in critical thinking, inquiry, and global perspectives.


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