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Oral History

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November 2007

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University of South Florida Tampa Library


Bands, Bands (Music), Dooley, Mary, Herd of Thunder Marching Band, Marching bands


Oral history interview with Mary Dooley, band administrator and color guard director of the Herd of Thunder Marching Band. Dooley joined the band program in 1998, the year it started, having previously worked at a high school for twelve years. Some decisions about the band had already been made when she arrived, such as its name and uniform, but the first band director had to decide what style the band was going to be and design the shows. The first few years were a process of trial and error, since there were no established procedures or traditions for the Herd of Thunder. In this interview, Dooley describes the organization of the Herd of Thunder, how members are recruited, the logistics of traveling, the band's first football game, and her future hopes for the band.

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1 sound file (52 min.) : digital, MP3 file + 1 transcript (28 p.)