Green Archiving For USF Faculty: Getting Started

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  2. Write a short email giving us permission to post your research. We will seek copyright permission to post the digital item(s).
  3. Attach your CV and send the email to:

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If you would like to self-submit your scholarly works you can submit content here.


Submissions from 1964


Visual Evoked Potentials as a Function of Flash Luminance and Duration, J D Wicke, Emanuel Donchin, and Donald B. Lindsley

Submissions from 1963


Cortical Evoked Potentials and Perception of Paired Flashes, Emanuel Donchin, J. D. Wicke, and Donald B. Lindsley


The African Mineral Industry: Evolution of a Supranational Level of Integration, Alvin W. Wolfe

Submissions from 1962


The Team Rules Mining in Southern Africa, Alvin W. Wolfe