Félix Rizo

Author Biography

Félix Rizo. Matanzas, Cuba. Escribe dramas del realismo absurdo. Sus obras se han presentado en Miami, Nueva York y Caracas. Es editor de la revista de arte de publicación trimestral Rácata. Tiene en preparación el poemario infantil El viaje de una salamadra hacia la luna de Plutón. Reside en Miami.




José Prats Sariol, immigration, typical balsera, antagonism, symbolism


The literature of Cuban American exile conveys in its expression the stigma of a people subjected to the rigors of a callous immigration. Although many Cuban writers are still confined to the reality of the island, there is a bridge of ideals and circumstances that allowed both literary currents to have some common point. The novel Lila´s Sorrows written by José Prats Sariol is one of these examples. A novel written completely in Havana in 2001-2, yet the novel reflects the circumstances and ideals of a people that are broken between two possibilities: to live in the island and dream of escaping or to break away from the island and find deliverance. These two worlds are easily explored in the novels of the last decades by the Cubans in exile and those looking at the exiles from within the island itself.