Modeling of Karst Systems

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Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Sinkhole Development and Collapse in Central Florida

Xiaohu Tao, Florida State University
Ming Ye, Florida State University
Xiaoming Wang, Florida State University
Dangliang Wang, Florida State University
Roger Pacheco Castro, Florida State University
JIan Zhao, Hohai University

Accounting for Anomalous Hydraulic Responses During Constant-Rate Pumping Tests in the Prairie Du Chien-Jordan Aquifer System – Towards a More Accurate Assessment of Leakage

Justin Blum, Minnesota Department of Health

Numerical Simulation of Spring Hydrograph Recession Curves for East Yorkshire Chalk Aquifer, UK

Nozad Hasan Azeez, University of Leeds
Landis Jared West, University of Leeds
Simon H. Bottrell

Study on the Critical Velocity of Groundwater to Form Subsidence Sinkholes in Karst Area

Fuwei Jiang

Evaluation of First Order Error Induced by Conservative-Tracer Temperature Approximation for Mixing in Karstic Flow

Philippe Machetel, Geosciences Montpellier CNRS/UM2/UMR5243
David A. Yuen, Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Minnesota