Geophysical Exploration of Karst

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The Million Dollar Question: Which Geophysical Methods Locate Caves Best Over the Edwards Aquifer? A Potpourri of Case Studies from San Antonio and Austin, Texas, USA

Mustafa Saribudak, Environmental Geophysics Associates

Rollalong Resistivity Surveys Reveal Karstic Paleotopography Developed on Near-Surface Gypsum Bedrock: Lower Pecos Valley, Southeastern New Mexico

Lewis Land, National Cave and Karst Research Institute

Integration and Delivery of Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar [InSAR] Data Into Stormwater Planning Within Karst Terranes

Brian Bruckno, Virginia Department of Transportation
Edward Hoppe, Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research
Andrea Vaccari, University of Virginia Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Scott Acton, University of Virginia Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Elizabeth Campbell, Virginia Department of Transportation

Detection of Voids in Karst Terrain with Full Waveform Tomography

Khiem T. Tran
Michael McVay
Trung Dung Nguyen

Characterization of Karst Terrain Using Geophysical Methods Based on Sinkhole Analysis: A Case Study of the Anina Karstic Region (Banat Mountains, Romania)

Laurentiu Artugyan, West University of Timisoara
Adrian C. Ardelean, West University of Timisoara
Petru Urdea, West University of Timisoara

Investigation of a Sinkhole in Ogle County, Northwestern Illinois, Using Near-Surface Geophysical Techniques

Philip J. Carpenter, Northern Illinois University
Lauren Schroeder, Northern Illinois University

Study on Monitoring and Early Warning of Karst Collapse Based on BOTDR Technique

Zhende Guan, Institute of Karst Geology, CAGS

Pre-Event and Post-Formation Ground Movement Associated with the Bayou Corne Sinkhole

Cathleen E. Jones, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Ronald Blom, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The Application of Passive Seismic Techniques to the Detection of Buried Hollows

Michael G. Raines, British Geological Survey
Vanessa J. Banks, British Geological Survey
Jonathan E. Chambers, British Geological Survey
Philip E.F. Collins, Brunel University London
Peter F. Jones, University of Derby
Dave J.R. Morgan, British Geological Survey
James B. Riding, British Geological Survey
Katherine Royse, British Geological Survey

Using Electrical Resistivity Imaging to Characterize Karst Hazards in Southeastern Minnesota Agricultural Settings

Toby Dogwiler, Missouri State University - Springfield
Blake Lea, Missouri State University - Springfield