Engineering and Geotechnical Investigations in Karst

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Concepts for Geotechnical Investigation in Karst

Joseph A. Fischer, Geoscience Services
Joseph J. Fischer, Geoscience Services

Sinkhole Physical Models to Simulate and Investigate Sinkhole Collapses

Mohamed Alrowaimi, University of Central Florida
Hae-Bum Yun, University of Central Florida
Manoj Chopra, University of Central Florida

Monitoring the Threat of Sinkhole Formation Under a Portion of US 18 in Cerro Gordo County, Iowa Using TDR Measurements

Kevin O'Connor, GeoTDR, Inc
Matthew Trainum, Iowa Department of Transportation

Predicting Compaction Grout Quantities in Sinkhole Remediation

Edward D. Zisman P.E., P.G., ATC Associates

Pre-Construction Rock Treatment and Soil Modification Program Using Low Mobility Grout to Mitigate Future Sinkhole Development in A 2,787.1 Square Meter (30,000 SF) Maintenance Facility

Steven W. Shifflett, US Army Corps of Engineers

Successful Foundation Preparations in Karst Bedrock of the Masonry Section of Wolf Creek Dam

David M. Robison, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Hydrocompaction Considerations in Sinkhole Investigations

Edward D. Zisman P.E., P.G., ATC Associates
Stephen West, BTL Engineering Services, Inc.