Contamination of Karst Aquifers

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Evaluation of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals and Iodine for Use as a Groundwater Tracer in Hydrologic Investigation of Contamination Related to Dairy Cattle Operations

Larry Boot Pierce, Missouri Geological Survey
Honglin Shi, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Karst Influence in the Creation of a PFC Megaplume

Virginia Yingling, Minnesota Department of Health

Tracking of Karst Contamination Using Alternative Monitoring Technologies: Hidden River Cave Kentucky

Caren Raedts, University of Western Ontario
Christopher Smart, University of Western Ontario

Spatiotemporal Response of CVOC Contamination and Remedial Actions in Eogenetic Karst Aquifers

Ingrid Y. Padilla, University of Puerto Rico, Mayag├╝ez
Vilda L. Rivera, University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez
Celys Irizarry, University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez

Determination of the Relationship of Nitrate to Discharge and Flow Systems in North Florida Springs

Sam B. Upchurch, SDII Global Corporation