Most Recent Additions


Inquiring about Inquiry: A Research Journey
Margery S. Miller Ed.D. and Valerie Harlow Shinas Ph.D.


Networking Practitioner Research: Leveraging Digital Tools as Conduits for Collaborative Work
Nicholas E. Husbye, Julie Rust, Christy Wessel Powell, Sarah Vander Zanden, and Beth Buchholz


Lessons From Rural Peru in Integrating Mental Health Into Primary Care
Pamela Scorza, Yuri Cutipe, Maria Mendoza, César Arellano, Jerome T. Galea, and Milton L. Wainberg


Preparing to Launch the ‘Thinking Healthy Programme’ Perinatal Depression Intervention in Urban Lima, Peru: Experiences from the Field
B. S. Eappen, M. Aguilar, K. Ramos, C. Contreras, M. C. Prom, P. Scorza, B. Gelaye, M. Rondon, G. Raviola, and Jerome T. Galea

*Updated as of 02/16/19.