Submissions from 2020

The Internet of Things, Anurag Agarwal and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Telehealth: Former, Today, and Later, Madhulika Bhatia, Shubham Chaudhary, Madhurima Hooda, and Bhuvan Unhelkar


Superimposing Natural Intelligence on Artificial Intelligence: Optimizing Value, Tad Gonsalves and Bhuvan Unhelkar


Enterprise Architecture for Digital Business: Integrated Transformation Strategies, Tushar K. Hazra and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Comparative Study of Four Options of Ict Systems in Management and Administration of Educational Institutions, Naman Jain and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Impact of Ict on Leveling the Ethnicity Divide in Order to Promote Student Engagement in the Education Sector, Tejal Nathadwarawala and Bhuvan Unhelkar


Security and Trust Issues in Internet of Things: Blockchain to the Rescue, Sudhir Kumar Sharma, Bharat Bhushan, and Bhuvan Unhelkar


Crafting and Shaping Knowledge Worker Services in the Information Economy, Keith Sherringham and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Higher Education in Capacity and Capability Building for the Information Economy, Keith Sherringham and Bhuvan Unhelkar


A Framework for Intelligent Collaborative Enterprise Systems. Concepts, opportunities and challenges, Bhuvan Unhelkar and Aurilla Aurelie Arntzen

Development and Initial Validation of the Big Data Framework for Agile Business: Transformational Innovation Initiative, Bhuvan Unhelkar and Joe Askren


Enhancing Artificial Intelligence Decision Making Frameworks to Support Leadership During Business Disruptions, Bhuvan Unhelkar and Tad Gonsalves

Embedding Intelligence Within Data Points for a Machine Learning Framework: “Hex-Elementization”, Bhuvan Unhelkar and Girish Nair

Key Considerations in Optimizing the Deployment of Big Data Analytics-As-A-Service Utilizing Cloud Architecture and Machine Learning, Bhuvan Unhelkar and V. Trivikram Rao


IT Pro Special Issue on Communications Recovery and Resilience—Editor's Column, Tim Weil, Bhuvan Unhelkar, John Callahan, Jason W. Rupe, and Keith Sherringham

Submissions from 2014


Challenges of a Virtual Organisation: Empirical Evidence from Australian SMEs, Walied Askarzai, Yi-Chen Lan, and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Analytical Approach to Represent the Processing Power of Brain, T. Hazra and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Submissions from 2013


Educating for Professionalism in ICT: Is Learning Ethics Professional Development?, David Lindley, Brenda Aynsley, Michael Driver, Robert Godfrey, Robert Hart, Glen Heinrich, Bhuvan Unhelkar, and Kim Wilkinson


Environmental Intelligence and its Impact on Collaborative Business, Bharti Trivedi and Bhuvan Unhelkar


Use of Environmental Intelligence for Green ICT in the Manufacturing Sector, Bharti Trivedi and Bhuvan Unhelkar


The Art of Agile Practice: A Composite Approach for Projects and Organizations, Bhuvan Unhelkar

Submissions from 2012

Enterprise Green It Strategy, Bhuvan Unhelkar


Legal Implications of Fostering Innovation in the Age of Electronic Collaboration, Bhuvan Unhelkar and Haydar Jawad

Submissions from 2008

Influence of Mobile Technologies on Global Business Processes in Global Organizations, Dinesh Arunatileka, Abbass Ghanbary, and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Strategic Approach to Globalization with Mobile Business, Walied Askarzai and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Impact of Mobile Technologies and Gadgets on Adolescent'S Interpersonal Relationships, Jigisha Gala and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Transformation of Business Processes of Export Companies to a Proposed Collaborative Environment with the Aid of Web Services and Mobile Technologies, Abbass Ghanbary, Manish Desai, and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Transitioning of Existing Business Processes to Collaborative and Mobile Business Processes: an Action Research Based on a Security Service Organization, Abbass Ghanbary and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Case Study in Globalization of Hospitals, Yi Chen Lan and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Global Enterprise Transitions, Yi Chen Lan and Bhuvan Unhelkar

A Composite Software Framework Approach for Mobile Application Development, Mohammed Maharmeh and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Investigation into the Creation and Application of a Composite Application Software Development Process Framework (CASDPF), Mohammed Maharmeh and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Independent Component Analysis Algorithms in Wireless Communication Systems, Sargam Parmar and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Business Driven Enterprise Architecture and Applications to Support Mobile Business, Keith Sherringham and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Real Time Decision Making and Mobile Technologies, Keith Sherringham and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Strategic Elements for the Mobile Enablement of Business, Keith Sherringham and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Role of Mobile Technologies in an Environmentally Responsible Business Strategy, Bharti Trivedi and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Australasian Software Excellence – II, Bhuvan Unhelkar

Creation of a Process Framework for Transitioning to a Mobile Enterprise, Bhuvan Unhelkar


Lessons in Implementing ‘Green’ Business Strategies with ICT, Bhuvan Unhelkar

Transitioning Business Processes to a Collaborative Business Environment with Mobility: an Action Research Based on a Service Organization, Bhuvan Unhelkar, Amit Tiwary, and Abbass Ghanbary

Integrating Mobile Technologies in Enterprise Architecture with a Focus on Global Supply Chain Management Systems, Bhuvan Unhelkar, Ming Chien Wu, and Abbass Ghanbary

Extending Enterprise Architecture with Mobility, Ming Chien Mindy Wu and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Extending Enterprise Architecture with Mobility, Ming Chien Wu and Bhuvan Unhelkar