Numeracy (ISSN 1936-4660) is the open-access, peer-reviewed, electronic journal of the National Numeracy Network (NNN). Numeracy supports education at all levels that integrates quantitative skills across disciplines. This journal is supported by the University of South Florida Libraries.

The graphic above is “Wave of Numbers” by Beth Fratesi, c2007, inspired by “a world awash in numbers,” Mathematics and Democracy: The Case for Quantitative Literacy (NCED, 2001).

In 2015, Numeracy was awarded the DOAJ Seal for its high degree of openness and for adhering to best practices and high publishing standards.

Current Issue: Volume 12, Issue 2 (2019)


Theme Collection: Social Justice


Paired Measures of Competence and Confidence Illuminate Impacts of Privilege on College Students
Rachel M. Watson, Edward Nuhfer, Kali Nicholas Moon, Steven Fleisher, Paul Walter, Karl Wirth, Christopher Cogan, Ami Wangeline, and Eric Gaze


Keeping It Real: Information Literacy, Numeracy, and Economic Data
Diego Mendez-Carbajo, Charissa O. Jefferson, and Katrina L. Stierholz



The Impact of Calculators on a Test of Clinician Numeracy: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Anne A. Taylor, Douglas R. Corfield, and Lucie M. Byrne-Davis


Alignment Between Learning Objectives and Assessments in a Quantitative Literacy Course
Younggon Bae, Samuel L. Tunstall, Kathryn S. Knowles, and Rebecca L. Matz


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