Calculated Quantum Yield of Photosynthesis of Phytoplankton in the Marine Light-Mixed Layers (59-Degrees-N, 21-Degrees-W)

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photosynthesis, photosynthetically, phytoplankton

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The quantum yield phi of photosynthesis (mol C (mol photons)(-1)) was calculated at six depths for the waters of the Marine Light-Mixed Layer (MLML) cruise of May 1991. As there were photosynthetically available radiation (PAR) but no spectral irradiance measurements for the primary production incubations, three ways are presented here for the calculation of the absorbed photons (AP) by phytoplankton for the purpose of calculating phi. The first is based on a simple, nonspectral model; the second is based on a nonlinear regression using measured PAR values with depth; and the third is derived through remote sensing measurements. We show that the results of phi calculated using the nonlinear regression method and those using remote sensing are in good agreement with each other, and are consistent with the reported values of other studies, In deep waters, however, the simple nonspectral model may cause quantum yield values much higher than theoretically possible.

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Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans, v. 100, no. C4, p. 6655-6663.