The aviation industry is a rapidly changing entity of the world’s economy. Millions of travelers consistently choose aviation as their mode of transportation because it is reliable, time-efficient, and safe. However, high demand has led to delays, cancellations, and gridlock. As the need for efficient travel options increases, passengers will look for other avenues of travel. Fortuitously, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and its partners are developing a unique and innovative alternative to this problem. The solution, known as the Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS), will likely change the face of general aviation (GA) as it is known today. It is a clear concept, made credible by extensive research. The members of the Public Administration Department and the Aviation Institute of the University of Nebraska at Omaha have committed many of their resources to the successful realization of the SATS concept. These individuals have formed a unique Nebraska SATS research team, devoting their valuable time and effort to seeing the dream of SATS come true.