H. E. Kuchka


This special issue of the Journal of Ecological Anthropology is devoted to an exploratory essay on developing theoretical methodology in the study of human ecosystems. It is motivated by dissatisfaction with both the understanding and practice of theory building presently available in ecological anthropology. The authors integrate an expansive approach to method-for-theory by drawing on the framework of Pickett, Kolasa and Jones (Ecological Understanding, 1994). The authors of this two-part essay are identified as H.E. Kuchka. H.E. is the abbreviation for Human Ecosystems. Kuchka is the group: Felice S. Wyndham, Eric C. Jones, Mitchell A Pavo-Zuckerman, Suzanne E. Joseph, Rebecca K. Zarger and Charles R. Peters, with contributions from David G. Casagrande, John R. Stepp and Warren P. Roberts.