Information Ecology (hereafter IE) is a field of inquiry being developed, in part, by members of the Department of Anthropology, University of Georgia (Appendix A). The following prospectus represents a work in progress and is the latest incarnation in a series of revisions since the first IE prospectus was developed in 1990 (Appendix B). The purpose of the prospectus is not to bound what is, admittedly, an eclectic mode of investigation, but rather to outline a field of inquiry that is inherently multidisciplinary and seeks theoretical complementarity both among disparate fields and levels of analysis. The goals are as follows: 1) to suggest some lines of inquiry and thought that might be borrowed from established disciplines and incorporated into IE; 2) to illustrate the breadth and complexity of IE as an approach to human ecology; 3) to provide impetus for establishing consensus as to the domain(s) of IE; 4) to provide an introductory document for those unfamiliar with IE; and finally, 5) to present an outline of contents for a university course of study.