Volume 50, Issue 1 (2021)

IYCK 2021


Stygobitic crustaceans in an anchialine cave with an archeological heritage at Vodeni Rat (Island of Sveti Klement, Hvar, Croatia)
Alessandro Montanari, Nicolas Cerveau, Barbara Fiasca, Jean-François Flot, Diana Galassi, Maurizio Mainiero, David McGee, Tadeusz Namiotko, Stefano Recanatini, and Fabio Stoch

  • Archeologic and archeometric assessments of Vodeni Rat cave
  • Assessment of the geology of the Adriatic Carbonate Platform and the Croatian karst
  • Geologic and environmental analysis of the Vodeni Rat cave area
  • Systematic and ecologic assessments of the stygobitic crustacean fauna in the Vodeni Rat cave
  • Timing of colonization and partitioning of crustacean species in the neo-anchialine cave of Vodeni Rat