Volume 49, Issue 3 (2020)



Bubble trail and folia in cenote Zapote, Mexico: petrographic evidence for abiotic precipitation driven by CO2 degassing below the water table
Rafael López-Martínez, Fernando Gázquez, José M. Calaforra, Philippe Audra, Jean Y. Bigot, Teresa Pi Puig, Rocío J. Alcántara-Hernández, Ángel Navarro, Philippe Crochet, Liliana Corona Martínez, and Raquel Daza Brunet

  • The origin of folia is still controversial
  • In the Cenote Zapote occurs the biggest reported folia
  • Folia are the result of subaqueous calcite precipitation around CO2 bubbles


Stratigraphical influence on chalk cave development in Upper Normandy, France: implications for chalk hydrogeology
Daniel Ballesteros, Andrew Farrant, Carole Nehme, Mark Woods, Dominique Todisco, and Damase Mouralis

  • The role of stratigraphic discontinuities on chalk speleogenesis has been analyzed
  • The analyses combine cave geometry, karst geomorphology and stratigraphical sections
  • Chalk caves and karst springs are related to hardgrounds, sheet-flints and marl beds
  • Hardgrounds, sheet-flints and marl beds concentrated groundwater flow forming caves
  • The results reinforce the visualization of the Chalk as a karst aquifer