Volume 49, Issue 2 (2020)



Anchialine biodiversity in the Turks and Caicos Islands: New discoveries and current faunal composition
Brett C. Gonzalez, Alejandro Martínez, Jørgen Olesen, Sarit B. Truskey, Lauren Ballou, Marc Allentoft-Larsen, Joost Daniels, Paul Heinerth, Mark Parrish, Naqqi Manco, Jon Ward, Thomas M. Iliffe, Karen J. Osborn, and Katrine Worsaae

  • New anchialine faunal discoveries from the Turks and Caicos Islands
  • Continued subterranean exploration continues to uncover animals new to science
  • Subterranean connectivity suggested for Turks and Caicos Islands
  • Lucayan archipelago remains a biodiversity hotspot for anchialine fauna


An Epigravettian hypogeal site in the Grotta del Fiume Cave at Frasassi (northeastern Apennines, Italy): Environmental and geochronologic assessments
Alessandro Montanari, Artur Adamek, Angelo Curatolo, Marco P. Ferretti, Maurizio Mainiero, Sandro Mariani, David McGee, Gaia Pignocchi, and Stefano Recanatini

  • Topographic survey of a karstic cave
  • High-resolution mapping of archeological finds in a cave room
  • Exhaustive photographic documentation of the hypogeal environment and the archeological finds
  • Taphonomic study of animal bone deposits
  • Discrete sampling and radioisotopic dating of fireplace charcoal and animal bones