Forensic Facial Reconstruction of a Woman from Copper Age Sicily: The Case Study of Scintilia (Agrigento)

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This paper deals with an interdisciplinary scientific project promoted by the Arcadia University focusing on the extraordinary discovery of very well preserved skeletal remains at the Copper Age necropolis of Scintilia (Agrigento) unveiled by the archaeologists of the Soprintendenza di Agrigento. Besides the study for the extraction and amplification of the ancient DNA from the individuals found in the tombs (Smith, this volume) and the digital reconstruction of the tombs and the related environment inside of them (Tanasi et alii, this volume), the most innovative aspect of the project has been represented by the forensic facial reconstruction of the individual 2 of the tomb 4, a young woman, nick named Sofia. The starting phase of the research consisted in a CAT exam of the skull of Sofia (Lo Zito, this volume) in order to obtain as many high resolution CAT slice images as possible. Subsequently the digital data have been elaborate with the software Invesalius 3.O to create the 3D model of the skull itself ; Tanasi et alii, this volume). The file has been delivered to the research associates of Arcadia University and the Department of Making + Doing at Philadelphia, where after a further processing it has been used to create a physical replica of the skull via a 3D printer. On that replica an Arcadia University forensic sculptor has worked in order to recreate approximately the original facial traits of Sofia.

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Storie Sepolte. Riti, Culti e Vita Quotidiana All’alba del IV Millennio a.C., p. 67-80