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Fall 1985




Pronouncements by the Reagan Administration not withstanding, the oft repeated accusation that Nicaragua is but a Soviet or Cuban pawn does not appear consistent with a closer examination of the facts (see NACLA1, 985). Beginning with the original 1969 FSLN (Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional) Program, the Sandinista leadership which now rules Nicaragua has steadfastly maintained its nonaligned orientation. In fact, since coming to power, the Sandinistas have not only become active members of the Nonaligned Movement, but have also used their ties with the Nonaligned to explain their policies and to garner much needed international support for their actions. In the process, they appear to have taken full advantage of policy options created by the development of the Nonaligned Movement and only recently available to Latin American nations.


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With Waltrud Quesier Morales. Previous Publications: "Nicarguan Relations with the Non-Aligned Movement," With Waltrud Quesier Morales, in Tom Walker, ed., Nicaragua: The First Five Years. New York: Praeger, 1985.

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