Professional and Personal Factors Associated with Gerontological Practice: Implications for Training and Education

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Professional practice with older adults is performed in a variety of settings and across a broad range of areas. Planning for care throughout the end of life represents an increasingly important aspect of work with older adults as a result of the nation's aging demographic and concomitant health care needs. Community-based geriatric case managers represent a growing cadre of professionals encountering frail older adults with future care needs that can be anticipated in advance; however, little is known regarding specific professional and personal factors associated with greater practice in this area. This article presents the findings from a study of 148 community-based case managers' advance care planning practices, conducted in the Southeastern United States. Correlational analyses revealed specific gerontological skills, educational activities, and personal experiences in advance care planning that was highly correlated with practice. Implications for training are discussed.

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Educational Gerontology, v. 37, issue 11, p. 982-994

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