Exploring Case Managers' Advance Care Planning Practices

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Advance care planning, geriatric case management, professional roles, professional practice


Community-based geriatric case managers handle increasing caseloads of frail older adults with future care needs that can be anticipated; however, little is known regarding their advance care planning practices with their clients. This qualitative study conducted 4 focus groups throughout the state of Florida in 2005 to explore case managers' (N =27) perceptions of their advance care planning practices. Findings suggest that case managers hold ambiguous views regarding advance care planning, perceive divergent roles in this area, and engage in a range of primarily informational advance care planning practices. Implications include the need to clarify the role and importance of advance care planning for older adults and better understand factors associated with practitioners' divergent advance care planning practices in order to enhance professional practice in this area.

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Journal of Social Service Research, v. 33, issue 3, p. 21-30

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