City of Kenai Kenai River Beach Sampling FY 2014 Final Report

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Technical Report

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The City of Kenai and the Kenai Watershed Forum (KWF) teamed up for their third year with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to monitor the presence of indicator bacteria before and during the personal use dipnet fishery at the mouth of the Kenai River in Kenai, Alaska. With funding and guidance from DEC, KWF monitored levels of fecal coliform bacteria and enteroccoci on a weekly basis starting July 1, 2013 and ending August 11, 2013. Many of the samples from both the North Kenai Beach and South Kenai Beach did not exceed Alaska Water Quality Standards (WQS) for enterococci and fecal coliform. In addition, samples collected after dates with reported exceedances were often found to be in compliance with WQS. At South Kenai Beach, there were several sampling events, many of them on consecutive sampling dates, that resulted in exceedances of WQS. The North and South Beach exceeded the geometric mean standard for Enterococci. The South Beach was the only beach to exceed the geometric mean standard for Fecal Coliform.

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City of Kenai Kenai River Beach Sampling FY 2014 Final Report, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, 16 p.