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The Trinity Aquifer is a very important groundwater resource for the Dripping Springs area and Central Texas as a whole. Evidence in recent studies show increased levels of aquifer stress and pumping due to higher influx of population and demand for potable water in the area.

In addition to high levels of pumping, groundwater appears to be influenced by facies change. There is little information on how certain geological units affect the presence of groundwater in the Trinity Aquifer – this study is purposed to bring a better understanding of how groundwater resources are stored and moved through the subsurface of the Onion Creek watershed.

This study presents data from an extensive evaluation of stratigraphical, hydrological, and geophysical data across the Onion Creek watershed, in the vicinity of Dripping Springs. Analysis of these data, and correlation across stratigraphic units will help Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District to better visualize and understand the relationship between surface water of Onion Creek and recharge to the Middle Trinity aquifer units.

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HTGCD Well Evaluation: Dripping Springs Water Supply Co. Test Well 1 & Stratigraphic Evaluation of the Trinity Aquifer Units in Wester Hays County and Implications for Hydrological Variations, Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District

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