Minerals of the Carpathians: First Update

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A num ber of rare m inerals were recently discovered in different caves from Rom ania. F ifteen of them were identified for the fir st tim e in the Carpathians . The aim of this paper is to briefly summarize data on those mineral speci es published in various journals as an up date to the recently published topographical m ineralogical handbook of the Carpat hians. Chem ical and m ineralogical characterization of thes e minerals was undertaken by X-ray powder diffraction and fluorescence analy ses, energy -dispersive, atomic absorption, infrared spectromet ry, therm al and electron-m icroprobe analy ses, optical, trans mission, and scanning electron microscope observations. Ke y words: Cave minerals, Romania, secondary

minerals, topograp

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Acta Mineralogica- Petrographica, v. 44, p. 31-34