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Determinants of governance structure for the electronic value chain: Resource dependency and transaction costs perspectives.

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Scott Geiger

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January 2001

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November 2011


This paper investigates boundary decisions that determine governance structures, particularly intermediaries and external contractors, for executing the primary functions of procurement, sales, and information technology support functions in the value chain model. Utilizing data from 113 firms doing business on the Internet, the findings indicate that firm resources have a significant impact on decisions to outsource or internalize electronic value chain functions. Specifically, firms with a greater reliance on sales intermediaries were found to deploy fewer technical e-commerce resources than firms less dependent on sales intermediaries. Moreover, the number of intermediary procurement functions was positively related to investment in web-based human resources. The results also suggest that firms experiencing lower levels of transaction frequency utilize more types of Internet sales methods.


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Center for Business and Economic Research, Sam Houston State University

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