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Engineering Management

Major Professor

Dr. Ali Yalcin.


Objects, Recursive querying, Recursive relationships, Object-oriented database management systems, Unary relationships


Area access control is defined as the process of mediating requests to enter a physical area through one or more entry points. Area access control database systems are the collections of information required for an access control system to access, query, retrieve and match real time user inputs with persistent data to ensure the integrity of the resources it protects. This thesis presents an object oriented approach to the design and implementation of a centralized area access control database system and focuses on two features, zone management and personnel tracking. Zone management is defined as the process of hierarchically relating a zone to other immediately adjacent zone(s) that a user is required to have prior access to. This feature will automatically generate all zones that a user requires prior access to in order to approach a target zone. To implement zone management, the database system is required to support recursive relationships and recursive querying.