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Child and Family Studies

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Kwang-Sun Cho Blair


This study evaluated Social StoriesTM (SS) with three at-risk preschool children in a high- need public elementary school. Specifically, this study examined the use of a multimedia SS designed to decrease problem behavior and increase prosocial behavior. A multiple baseline design across participants with an ABC sequence was used to assess the impact of the standard SS and multimedia SS on the children's target behaviors. The results of the study indicated that the standard SS was successful in reducing problem behavior and increasing prosocial behavior for all three participating children. The results also indicated that the multimedia SS had positive effects on the children, further increasing prosocial behavior during intervention. Although the problem behavior did not further decrease when the multimedia SS was introduced, the low levels of problem behavior were maintained at a 3-week follow-up for all three children. All three children demonstrated maintenance of improved prosocial behavior during follow-up. Overall, the multimedia SS demonstrated high levels of social validity.