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Electrical Engineering

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Dr. Thomas Weller


Broadside coupled, Strip-line, Low profile, Detector, Sleeve


The effective output balancing capability of this balun is proven by the close agreement between the measured and simulated results. Diode detectors are nonlinear devices used for extraction of DC from free space transmission, achieving RF to DC conversion. Detectors are of popular use today in RF-ID tags, virtual batteries, power scavenging, and many other portable applications. The dominating factor on the performance for this device is responsivity (mV/mW), which depends on the input matching, and in the relation of power level to input impedance. Here, an accurate comparison between model measured detectors has been accomplished, and a sensitivity study has been applied to the input impedance to represent variations in responsivity due to input mismatch.At last an End-Loaded Planar Open-Sleeve Dipole (ELPOSD) is realized resulting on a printed dipole structure offering broadband response.