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Political Science

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Amen, M. Mark.


Power, Sovereignty, Global politics, National markets, Guatemala


Many people agree that we live in a changing world. It is a world transformed by globalization. I propose that changes in state policies have led to a change from an international economy to a global economy, thereby contributing to the emergence of contemporary globalization. Changes in state power/authority and policies have affected the overall economy. These changes have caused the economy to transform from a national economy to a global economy. I test the hypothesis through a case study of Guatemala's Economy. The time period for this study is from 1982 to 2002. The economy of Guatemala is comprised of three key sectors. These sectors include Agriculture, Industry, and Services. I study the relationship the state has with these key sectors and also the relationship these three sectors have on the state. I review the current status of national economies to determine if they have changed and thereby been absorbed by a global economy.