Toward Cross‐Sector Integration of Early Childhood Services in St. Lucia: Using Policy, Historical, and Linguistic Factors to Inform Future Progress

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It is four-year old Joey Frederick's first day at Happy Lane Day Care Center/Preschool in the rural village of Laborie, St. Lucia. Joey arrives at the center at around 9 o'clock, having been dropped off by his elder sibling, Cassandra. Joey is still teary-eyed because his mother refused to drop him off - she had to leave for work at 7 a.m. Joey wanders off to the corner of the yard, and is "lost" among the many other students. It is not until 9:30 a.m. that a teacher notices him when he is caught poking another student at Snack time. "Joey," she yells, "Stop hitting Mark, right now!"

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Child advocacy and early childhood education policies in the Caribbean, p. 17-48