Submissions from 1990

The Bodleian Shelley Manuscripts XV: The Julian and Maddalo Draft Notebook, Steven E. Jones


Creative Writing and Composition: Bridging the Gap, Joseph M. Moxley


The English Department Chair: Scholar or Bureaucrat?, Joseph M. Moxley and Gary A. Olson

Walls, Laura Runge and Adonis Ali Torres

Submissions from 1987


Uninvolved = Poor Writers, Joseph M. Moxley

Submissions from 1986

Basic Organizing Strategies, Joseph M. Moxley

Commentary: The Myth of the Technical Audience, Joseph M. Moxley


Five Writers Perceptions of Writing Functions, Joseph M. Moxley


Memoirs of a First-Year Writing Instructor, Joseph M. Moxley


Process Turned Product: Formula in Composition, Joseph M. Moxley and James Collins

Submissions from 1984

Report of the NYSEC Committee on the Review of Writing Programs, James Collins, Robert Blake, Kathie Johnson, Barbara Jones, Nancy Lester, Shirlee Lindemann, Cynthia Onore, and Joseph M. Moxley