Name of Assignment/Activity

Med Student Video Games

Type of Assignment


Course Type

Professional and Technical Communications Courses

Specific Courses used In

2210: Technical Writing for Health Science Majors


Spring 2018


Over the past 40 years, digital technologies and imaging treatments have become a sine qua non of healthcare, involving such "e-health" treatments as networked prosthetics, insulin pumps, pace makers, and 3-D printed organs. Just as networked/digital medicine has become more commonplace, post-grad health science/medical schools have begun to use virtual labs, simulation tools, and video games to augment tradition didactic and/or lecture based teaching. For this assignment, please choose 3-5 "cases" from the med tutorial/video game "Prognosis" to explore how digital tools work for you, as a subjective experience, to learn various talents such as diagnosis, treatment, surgery, etc. Provide me with a 500 word document split in half: one where you describe the various cases you "played" and "solved"; and a reflection on how this "immersive" practice was helpful or not as a medical health student.


Disability, Fieldwork, Gaming, Play