English Department Digital Teaching Fellows: Digital Pedagogy Resources

The Department of English Digital Teaching Fellowship Program, founded in 2017 under the direction of Professor Kristin Allukian, consists of a cohort of faculty and instructors focused on the study, design, and implementation of innovative digital pedagogy for the humanities. This Digital Pedagogy Resources page provides access to course assignments and activities designed by the Fellows for a wide range of English courses including professional and technical communications, literature, and creative writing.

The Digital Teaching Fellows design their assignments and in-class activities with theoretical and structural frameworks based in areas such as feminist digital humanities, gaming pedagogy, textual analysis, and corpus linguistics. All the projects are driven by the following question: How is teaching traditional literacy through digital tools different from teaching digital literacy - or what Professor Gregory Ulmer terms "electracy" (Teletheory 1989)?

The author's rights are protected under a Creative Commons License Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. We encourage you to share and adapt the assignments and activities with proper attribution to the cited author.


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