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The Media Journal in Music Education was founded in 2017 by the Center for Music Education Research at the University of South Florida. It aligned with the goal of expanding knowledge in the field of music education. It sought to disseminate such knowledge in an innovative and accessible way. There were research journals, practitioner journals, and journals that tried to bring research and practice together, but there was not a journal that was entirely media based, one focused on shedding light on what was dark (research jargon and words that active music teachers do not use in their daily teaching practice).

The Media Journal in Music Education is a different kind of journal. It is one for the practicing music teacher who would like to expand the way that they think and teach. It is for teachers who would like to be better in all of the ways that one can be better. It inherits the academic rigor of its traditional research journal predecessor, Music Education Research International. We publish five to seven-minute videos on subjects that matter to music teachers, and all videos are peer-reviewed by an international panel of experts. Research COULD be relevant to teachers if we present it in a way that could be digested within minutes. That is our goal.

We are interested in good ideas. We are interested in answering the “so what?” questions regarding music education research and practice for music teachers. Partner with us to spread the word.

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