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Submissions from 2015


Battling Inertia in Educational Leadership: CRT Praxis for Race Conscious Dialogue, Vonzell Agosto, Zorka Karanxha, and Aarti Bellara

Submissions from 2014


The Hidden Curriculum: Candidate Diversity in Educational Leadership Preparation, Zorka Karanxha, Vonzell Agosto, and Aarti P. Bellara

Submissions from 2013


Public Acts of Self-Deliberation: Preparation for Discursive Democracy in Education, Vonzell Agosto

Public acts of self-deliberation: Preparation for discursivedemocracy in education, Vonzell Agosto

Review of Curriculum, Community and Urban School Reform by Barry M. Franklin, Vonzell Agosto

Scripts: Lessons from the movies on dis/ability and Black males, Vonzell Agosto

Culture-based leadership and preparation: A qualitative meta-synthesis of the literature, Vonzell Agosto, L Dias, N Kaiza, P McHatton, and Donna Elam

Review of The school leader's guide to social media (2012) by R. Williamson & H. Johnson in Eye on Education, Vonzell Agosto and J Harmeling

Lessons on Racism in the Preparation of Educators: The Retreat to Teachable Moments, Vonzell Agosto, Zorka Karanxha, and Deirdre Cobb-Roberts

Critical Media Literacy: Focus on Diversity and (Popular) Culture, Vonzell Agosto, Zorka Karanxha, Deirdre Cobb-Roberts, and E Williams

An Intersectoral Policy Framework: Technology and Obesity Intersecting on Schoolchildren, Vonzell Agosto and R. A. Rolle


Criticality and the pedagogical reconstruction of leadership standards in an educational leadership classroom., William R. Black and Zorka Karanxha

Modeling social justice in educational leadership: Self-assessment for equity (SAFE), Zorka Karanxha and Vonzell Agosto


School Consolidation and the Politics of School Closure Across Communities, Zorka Karanxha, Vonzell Agosto, Bill Black, and Claudius B. Effiom

Submissions from 2012

Allies, Vonzell Agosto

Freedom Schools, Vonzell Agosto

Collaborative CRiT Wandering: Confounding Reluctance, Resistance, and Risk, Vonzell Agosto, Deirdre Cobb-Roberts, and Z Karanxha

Masking Mentoring: Critical (race) care (for, from) Black males in special education, Vonzell Agosto and R Jones


Searching for a Needle in a Haystack: Indications of Social Justice Among Aspiring Leaders, Vonzell Agosto and Zorka Karanxha

Searching for a needle in a haystack: Indications of social justice among aspiring leaders, Vonzell Agosto and Zorka Karanxha


Teacher Leadership: Women (of African Descent) Enacting Social Justice, Vonzell Agosto and Zorka Karanxha

Teacher leaders: Women of African descent enacting social justice, Vonzell Agosto and Zorka Karanxha

Inclusion in a District and Two of its High Schools: A Comprehensive Report, Vonzell Agosto, Zorka Karanxha, and G Knollman

Ecology Policy for Educational Technology, Vonzell Agosto and R. A. Rolle

Curriculum leadership theorizing and crafting: Regenerative themes and humble togetherness, Vonzell Agosto, O Salaam, and Donna Elam

Are charter schools a viable educational model as an alternative to public education? Counterpoint., Zorka Karanxha


Barbara Garii's Book review of Student teaching and the law in the Journal of Tutoring and Mentoring: Partnership in Learning, Zorka Karanxha

Missing and shrinking voices: A critical analysis of the Florida textbook adoption policy, R Stubbs-Williams and Vonzell Agosto


Missing and Shrinking Voices: A Critical Analysis of Florida's Textbook Adoption Policy, Randria Williams and Vonzell Agosto

Submissions from 2009

Identities and social justice values of prospective teachers of color, Vonzell Agosto

Submissions from 2008


Intratexturealities: The Poetics of the Freedom Schools, Vonzell Agosto


Life Histories of Latino/a Teacher Candidates, Mary L. Gomez, Terri L. Rodriguez, and Vonzell Agosto


Who are Latino/a Prospective Teachers and What do They Bring to U.S. Schools?, Mary L. Gomez, Terri L. Rodriguez, and Vonzell Agosto


Teacher Capacity and Social Justice in Teacher Education, Carl A. Grant and Vonzell Agosto


Student teachers’ diversity rights: The case law., Zorka Karanxha and Perry Zirkel

Submissions from 2007


Creeping Judicialization In Special Education Hearings?: An Exploratory Study, Perry A. Zirkel and Zorka Karanxha