Focus on the Finish Line: Does High-Impact Practice Participation Influence Career Plans and Early Job Attainment?

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High-impact practices, career outcomes, survey, higher education

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High-impact practices (HIPs) are important co-curricular educational experiences in post-secondary education, as they promote learning, development, and persistence among students. The goal of this study was to extend the research on HIPs to explore potential connections with HIP participation and career outcomes. Using data from the National Survey of Student Engagement, this study explores whether HIP participation influences college seniors’ post-graduation plans for career and further education and whether HIP participation has a positive impact on early job attainment for these students. Results suggest that even after controlling for a variety of demographic and institutional factors, HIP participation is a significant predictor of future career plans and early job attainment. HIP participation can give students a career-related advantage through transferable skill development, engaging in learning opportunities, and generating “stories” for potential employers.

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Higher Education, v. 75, issue 3, p. 489-506