Advancing Educational Podcasting and Faculty Inquiry with a Grounded Research Model: Building on Current Mixed-Methods Research across Contexts

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The integration of formal and informal learning is increasing transparently in our daily lives. Leaders of higher and continuing education will benefit from better understanding why and how to formatively research and design effective popular informal learning such as educational podcasting. Using media that has a wide general public user base and robust educational capabilities is a boon to public perceptions of educational validity, relevancy, timeliness, and value of our educational institutions. However, how do we approach such efforts consistent with reflective practice and the scholarship of teaching? Researchers can recommend how to design future action-based research and inquiry in robust and systematic ways. However, there are still no recommended strategies for integrated action research and design in this arena of digital media. This article uses a cross case study of three different educational podcast series to provide a grounded research model based on a macro perspective of these needs and opportunities.

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Journal of Continuing Higher Education, v. 58, issue 3, p. 143-155