Implementing Podcasts and Blogs with ESOL Teacher Candidates’ Preparation: Interpretations and Implications

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ESOL teacher education, teacher pre-service, podcasting and blogging, ESOL teacher candidates’ preparation, ESOL, ELL, technology integration in higher education, core assignments


This in-depth case study of three ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) teacher candidates investigates questions regarding their actions, attitudes, and perceptions toward the instructional uses of podcasts and blogs in a core assignment. This study reveals how they integrate these new instructional technology media while developing a case study for a specific English language learner (ELL) in a real-life classroom context. In this qualitative study, data sources include observations, research field notes, interviews, emails, dialogue, and a pre-term anonymous survey. Valuable results from this study include insight into transformative changes in ESOL teacher candidates' attitudes and perceptions, developing teacher professional identity while practicing innovative instructional technology, professional development, language teaching and instructional technology with digital-age children, and pedagogical reports for ELL classroom application. The educational significance includes, but is not limited to providing research-based podcasting practices for ESOL teacher candidates and ELL learners.

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International Forum on Teaching and Studies, v. 7, issue 2, p. 5-19