Proceedings of the Pennsylvania Adult and Continuing Education Research Conference

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This conference provided researchers and practitioners with a forum for sharing research findings that focus on the link between research and practice in adult, continuing, and community education. The proceedings consists of 17 papers and a symposium. The agenda is provided. The three invited papers are as follows: "Imprisoned Bodies--Free Minds: Incarcerated Women and Liberatory Learning" (Irene C. Baird); "Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's GED [General Educational Development] Graduates' Progress" (Gary J. Dean); and "Knowledge as 'Quality Non-Conformance': A Critical Case Study of ISO 9000 and Adult Education in the Workplace" (Fred M. Schied et al.). The 13 refereed papers are as follows: "Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management Faculty Perceptions of Distance Learning: Motivation to Teach Distance Learning Courses" (James A. Bardi); "Listening to Workplace Trainers: What's Wrong with Our Train-the-Trainer Programs?" (Katherine V. Beauchemin); "Leisure Travel as Adult Education" (Elizabeth Beswick, Rebecca Taksel); "Administering Distance Learning: From Planning to Serving Student Needs and Evaluating Outcomes" (Cheryl M. Boyer); "The Linguistics of Andragogy and Its Offspring" (Trenton R. Ferro); "Facilitating Perspective Transformation in Adult Education Programs: A Tool for Educators" (Kathleen P. King); "The Influence, Power, and Impact of Support Groups for Women Who Return to College" (Linda R. Madden-Brenholts, Renee Knox); "The Role of Adult Education Theory and Practice in the Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933-42" (C. Frederick Ralston);"Addressing Threshold Issues Before Developing a Code of Ethics for Adult Educators" (Irwin H. Siegel); "Angelou and Incarcerated Women: Their Personal Narratives as a Process for Analyzing Adult Development" (Robert Surridge, Irene C. Baird); "Parent Care: A Review of the Literature" (Susanne M. Weiland); "Learning to Learn, Learning to Change, Learning to Grow: Action Research for New Program Development" (Judy Witt); and "Adults in Transition: Clinicians to Novice Faculty Members" (Lee Zaslow). The symposium, "Technology and Adult Education--Dream or Reality?," includes the following: "How Do We Do Hi-Tech Research?" (Kathleen P. King); "How Do We Integrate Technology into Our Curricula?" (Trenton R. Ferro); and "Dealing with Technology--The Personal Side" (Patricia A. Lawler). The closing remarks are "Paulo Freire and the Philosophy of Adult Education" (John L. Elias). (YLB)

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Proceedings of the Pennsylvania Adult and Continuing Education Research Conference, Chester, Pennsylvania, 1998