Proceedings of the Pennsylvania Adult and Continuing Education Research Conference

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These proceedings consist of 18 papers from a conference to provide researchers and practitioners with a forum for sharing research findings that focus on the link between research and practice in adult, continuing, and community education. The five invited papers are as follows: "Towards a Pedagogy of Ethical Coercion" (Ian Baptiste); "Circuit of Culture: A Critical Look at Dilbert and Workplace Learning" (Vicki K. Carter, Sharon L. Howell); "Adult Education as Building Community: The Parameters and Realities of Enterprise Identity in North America (1945-70)" (Andre P. Grace); "From Motherhood to Sister-Solidarity: Home-making as a Counterdiscourse to Corporate Environmental Polluting" (Robert J. Hill); and "How Adult Learners Change in Higher Education" (Kathleen P. King). The 13 refereed papers include the following: "Evaluation Research in Workplace Literacy Programs" (Eunice N. Askov, Andree Rose Catalfamo); "'It's Not Like Normal School': Adult Learners' Perspectives on a Nontraditional GED [General Educational Development] Program" (Alisa Belzer); "Linguistic, Cultural, and Educational Adjustments of Adult ESL [English as a Second Language] Female Students in New York" (Lucia Buttaro); "Learning While Working with 'The Opposition': A Study of Meaning in a Cross Boundary Work Group" (Marjorie H. Carkhuff); "African American Women in a Predominantly Caucasian Female Profession: Learning Paths to Positions of Prominence" (Janet V. DeLany); "Selecting Communications Technology for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program Delivery" (Peter J. Graybash, Jr.); "Factors that Influence Persistence among Students in Middle Adulthood at the Community College" (Scott B. Greenberg); "Technical Nontraditional Student College Attrition: The Student's Perspective" (Harvey F. Hoffman, John L. Elias); "Complexity Theory as a Framework for Adult Education Research Design" (Larry J. Krafft, Kathy Brill, T. J. Titcomb); "Cohort Group Effectiveness in Accelerated Programming" (Alan R. Lisk, Colleen A. DiRaddo); "Cooperative Learning: Test-Taking in a Nontraditional Manner in the College Classroom" (David L. Tucker); "The Applicability of Classical and Metaphorical Organizational Models to the Virtual University: A Case Study" (Joseph J. Zerby, Jr.); and "Describing RN-BSN [Registered Nurse-Bachelor of Science in Nursing] Education from the Learner's Perspective: A Focus Group Study" (Patti Rager Zuzelo). (YLB)

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Proceedings of the Pennsylvania Adult and Continuing Education Research Conference, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1999