Podcasting as Mobile Learning

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The impact that e-learning has had on the workplace over the last 20 years is paramount. From video-conferencing to desktop Webinars, business has included technology and distance learning solutions in its model of human resource development. However audio and video podcasting as mobile learning stands to provide a very different dimension of distance learning. Instead of being restrained and constrained to a desktop or conference room, professional learning truly can be “anytime, anywhere.” From the office, to the gym, the shopping mall, to the beach, veteran professionals and young adults alike are exploring how to use mobile technology to improve their personal and professional learning. This article provides a background on this wave of mobile learning, including how podcasting has arisen, lessons learned, and growing trends. In addition, it examines issues that face HRIS (human resources information system), e-HRM (electronic human resource management system), individuals and professionals within mobile learning. Podcasts are digital audio files, which are hosted on the Internet and published via a special scripting language. Podcasts are usually produced in a series, so that there are more than one episode and the scripting language, XML (extensible markup language) and RSS (really simple syndication), enables updates of the series to be sent to the listener’s computer or wireless device automatically (King & Gura, 2007). This article begins with an introduction to the topic of podcasting and podcasting as mobile learning. The background section provides a detailed definition of this emergent technology and usage, while later the discussion turns to the critical issue of copyright and podcasting. Considering the forms and possibilities for professional learning through this mobile technology is a vital component of this article before we turn to the lively topic of trends in new and social media, which includes podcasting. The conclusion of the article brings us full circle as we consider how this fits together for podcasting as mobile learning.

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Podcasting as Mobile Learning, in T. Torres-Coronas & M. Arias-Oliva (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Human Resources Information Systems: Challenges in e-HRM, IGI Global, p. 706-710