Joel Volinski

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Technical Report

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transit efficiencies, cost savings, revenue generation, creative management


This report documents how transit agencies are generating new revenue or reducing costs without harming the best Interests of their passengers. Information was obtained through a survey responded to by 75 transit agencies from throughout the United States. Respondents provided brief descriptions of the five most effective methods used to generate new revenues or reduce costs without losing passengers. The various methods have been categorized into six different Themes (Positive Opportunism. Partnerships, Cooperation, Service Planning/Marketing/Delivery, Maximizing Capital Budgets, and Improved Management of Resources). Each idea is explained in enough detail to give the reader the basic information needed to understand the idea. The transit agency that submitted each idea is also identified and can be contacted for more detail. Transit agencies could expect to save (or generate new revenues of) 5 to 10% of their operating budgets by implementing the techniques identified in this report.

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Lessons Learned in Transit Efficiencies, Revenue Generation, and Cost Reduction, Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida, 123 p.