An In-depth Analysis of Road Crashes in Thailand

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Driver distraction


Inattentive driving is considered one of the crucial components in human factors leading to collision. Secondary task due to the driver's distraction from normal driving could be precipitating factors ranging from near misses to severe collisions. An in-depth analysis of such internal distraction of the driver related collision was conducted through investigation and reconstruction approach in a systematic way which is regarded as a stepping stone and a new way forward to the annals of road safety research in the developing countries particularly in Thailand. In-depth study of road accidents is a timely requisite to conduct, identifying the contributory factors, where over 12000 innocent people become fatal in Thailand from road accidents accounting 3.4 percent of Gross National Product annually. The objective of this research is to describe the events and identify the factors with calculated speed of vehicles based on energy approach from detailed at-scene investigation by demonstrating a case study. Detailed information, interview and evidence regarding crash scene, involved vehicles and occupants were collected to establish the trajectory of the vehicle movements by performing in-depth study addressing possible factors leading to the collision. The findings of this study demonstrated the consequential events resulting in vehicle damage and occupants' injuries initiating from running off the road from inattentive driving and colliding with another vehicle while trying to recover and regain the driving task into the roadway.

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Proceedings of the Road Safety on Four Continents Conference, v. 14, 15 p.