Is it a Timely Approach for Bus Accident Investigation in Thailand?

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accident investigation, bus accidents, roadside hazard

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Worldwide it is estimated that 1.2 million people lose their lives and as many as 50 million injuries and disabilities from road accidents every year. It is more inflicting burden for developing countries like Thailand when Thai statistics indicate over 12,000 people became fatal with accident costs comprising about 3.4 percent of GNP. Among all types of vehicles involved, bus accident is considered a major public concern as transportation of many innocent people is involved. The gravity of the situation is getting more public concern as annually 4,000 bus accidents occurred in Thailand. Single vehicle-bus accident with running off road accounts a major portion of bus accidents. This research attempts to investigate such single vehicle bus accidents to collect detailed information of crash scene, vehicle and occupants. The findings of this research indicate the possible factors leading to collision with a particular demonstration of the case studies.

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Proceedings of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, v. 6, art. 347